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Artist Collective from Portugal and Brazil

New exhibition, part of "Collectives create at Beit Ha'Ir״

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Artist Collective from Portugal and Brazil




New exhibition, part of "Collectives create at Beit Ha'Ir״

Double Trouble Crew was born in 2015 formed by visual artists Nomen, Ram, and Utopia, as a result of spending many years together painting walls and spreading their Graffiti Art across Portugal. 

They have decided to form this crew to be aimed at an audience, and institutions that consume and exhibit art in a more traditional way such as painted canvas, installations and art-objects.

The process is made by taking their best work and ideas that were painted in the streets to apply in a format that suits galleries, museums, and collectors worldwide. Their individual work has different influences, backgrounds, and stories behind. 

Therefore, when they mix their colors and conceptions together on a large surface it is like a melting pot of synergies that aim to achieve emotions and positive vibes for the audience who sees their work.

In a nutshell, Double Trouble Crew’s work is known to be a colorful explosion of emotions, a journey into the abstract dynamics, “graffuturism”, “exotic figurativism”, and complex portraits. 


Beit Ha'Ir museum for Tel Aviv Yaffo's urban art, is turning its focus this year to select collectives, both local and international, allowing them to "takeover" the museums' space with art from different sectors: plastic art, music, performance, digital media and more. The series of collectives exhibiting their works expose the audience to a perspective that is innovative, original, relevant and kicking.

This exhibition is the second of the series, launched by the Israeli collective PrettyMess, which brought thousands of visitors.


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