Haim Arlozoroff - a successful statesman was murdered on the beach in Tel Aviv 85 years ago, and although there were multiple suspects for the crime - the mystery was never solved.

With a new artistic approach and a collaboration with Beit Ha'ir Museum, Mystorin Theatre Ensemble opens the gates to the archives and invites the audience to wander, watch, roam and even act.

The four floor museum becomes a film set for a musical movie about the murder of Arlozoroff.

Every space is a set where a different part of the puzzle is filmed - the hospital, the interrogation room, the cafe at the beach, the courthouse, and many others.

12 actors, dancers and singers lead the plot, and the spectators - playing the part of stand ins in a movie - participate in the scenes and influence them, as the documentary mingles with famtasy and reality, in a one of a kind musical-theatrical-cinematic experience.

Beit Ha'ir, located in the old Town Hall building, is owned by the city of Tel Aviv and forms a part of the Bialik complex - a complex of Hebrew and Israeli culture which is one of UNESCO's world heritage sites.

The building was renovated in 2009, during Tel Aviv's centennial, and converted into a unique museum for Tel Aviv urban culture and a home for its visitors: artists, thinkers, tourists and guests who seek to know Tel Aviv and take part in its essence.

Mystorin Theatre Ensemble specializes in developing a new visual language wherein the audience is an active participant and helps to shape the plot, as it's exposed during the show to a variety of arts, crafts and techniques. This year is the 10th year of activity for the Mystorin Theatre Ensemble, and it has participated in international festivals in Asia, Europe and Africa.

During the show's run the museum will display the sets alongside video and still photography taken with the audience during the show, as well as selected archive materials curated especially and creatively for this exhibit.

The show premieres April 26th at 20:30