image from the exhibition

Beit Ha’ir presents
A new exhibition in the framework of the project “creative collectives” featured at Beit Ha’ir museum, 

and As part of the Israel-France season: 

“Alone in the dark” by the French collective DA MENTAL VAPORZ

DMV crew:
Bom.k * Brusk * Kan * Blo * Jaw * Lek * Sowat

A live performance by The Electronic Artist BEMET
D.J Gzess

“Da Mental Vaporz:
The French Collective
Concentrates on giant frescoes in different cities outside Paris. The collective distinguishes itself from the traditional graffiti codes, in favor of dark and tortured aesthetics, a combination of the best of the foxes that connect to mirage visions,
Barbarian typographs, hand-painted digital compositions and black humor. Its members are invited to the four corners of the earth, to perform huge murals, abstract architectural displays and ambitious collective exhibitions.

The exhibition is presented until April 24