LUCY, Maya Agam

Beit Ha'ir Presents:

Calling for the Goddess

Exhibition and Launch of "Kama" Magazine

In honor of International Women's Day 2020, Beit Ha'ir is proud to host the launch of a new multidisciplinary magazine and an exhibition created entirely by women.


At this time, as women fight for independence and equality, I have chosen to open the doors of Beit Ha'ir for two young and talented women, committed to their beliefs – Michal Sever and Koral Dvir – who have asked us to launch their magazine, "Kama", at our museum.

Since our initial meeting, the magazine - created entirely by women, has grown and evolved into a multidisciplinary exhibition, spanning throughout the entire space, reinforcing and expanding the written experience to additional channels.

The exhibition presents works from a rich variety of mediums, including such that cannot appear among the pages, like video, performance art, dance, music, and installations, all interacting with the question posed by the first issue of "Kama" – Who is a Goddess?

The unique exhibition that has been created over these past months, has tenderly but fiercely taken over the museum’s stories. We were surprised by its singular and aesthetic touch, bringing up an additional question: What is a feminin creation?

Ayelet Bitan Shlonsky, Chief Curator and Director of The Bialik Complex

"Kama" Magazine

(Kama – Meaning "standing up" or “uprising”, as well as "ripened grain")

"Kama" was created as a space to reflect and rethink about our experiences as women in the world. For us, the first step in forming such a space, was the publication of a magazine, in order to consolidate a community of creative women, who will collaborate in the Israeli artistic and cultural arenas. We believe that any work of art – written as well as visual – is an invitation for a dialogue with others and with ourselves.

The exhibition at Beit Ha'ir is a complementary act to the first issue of "Kama", focusing on the question "Who is a Goddess?". By this question, we wish to deconstruct the image of "The Goddess", enabling the reader and the artist to recreate their own. We hope that both magazine and exhibition will allow visitors to observe the art works from a questioning perspective, and to experience a renewed encounter with "The Goddess".


Michal Sever and Koral Dvir, Co-founders of "Kama"

Participating Artists:

Hannan Abu-Hussein, Maya Agam, Danielle Barkat, Michal Baror, Miriam Cabessa, Carmi Dror, Michal Greenfield, Myy Jeraffi, Liora Kaplan, Tamar Karavan, Moran Kliger, Roni Landa, Anna Lann x PentHouss, Rotem Lebel, Batia Malka, Mira Maylor, Maya Perry, Ronit Porat, Nil Karin Romano, Naama Roth, Lital Rubinstien, Rani Sasson, Israela Shaer Meoded, Sagit Zluf Namir.

Chief Curator and Director of The Bialik Complex: Ayelet Bitan Shlonsky

Co-Founders of "Kama" and Curators: Michal Sever and Koral Dvir

Construction and Design Consultant: Noam Bar

Media: Shira Granit

Production: Sivan Lustgarten

Publicity and Marketing: Sharon Bar Zohar

PR: Mira Ann Beinart

Production of Opening Event: Eliran Paz

Bialik Complex Staff: Nava Harel and Arnona Bar Yehuda

Operations: Goldi Zimmerman and Gili Romano