"The Prom-assed Land" exhibition in Beit Hair

Engelmayer goes on a three-dimensional journey to the first time, and lashes out at the material world with the same obsession that characterized his collage work. In his works, the artist deals with Israeli culture, slaughtering holy cows and spreading their skins,
All with witty humor, word games and a critical wink that create a sharp and surprising world. A world that stimulates the senses and nerves. Shoshakha, Engelmayer's mythological figure, which accompanies the countless works of comics and his caricature accompanies the entry of visitors to the country. The exhibition features some of Engelmayer's outstanding works, including the "Arnica" - a new monumental work of 15 meters long, "Genesis" alongside satirical works on local reality. Giant canvas dolls of Shoshka, painted windows, neon inscriptions, gefilte mobile, humorous sculptures, videos and objects that combine fantasy and wild humor. Through fascinating works and reports at the same time, beautiful and ugly, Engelmayer manages with the viewers a novel serialized and expects to be addressed from them. He moves easily from spaces of 'reality' to areas of imagination and back, while deceiving the viewer and entraping him. Engelmayer knows our attraction to the bizarre and kinky and tempts us easily. The works in the exhibition reflect how Israeli comics became a form of critical artistic expression that reflects a society that becomes individualistic and hedonistic. politically correct? No. Cliches? Yeah sure.

But with Engelmayer, even the clichés sound fresh. Engelmayer is on the one hand - 'the bad boy of Israeli comics', and on the other hand - the national illustrator' is a natural and cultural researcher. His research and ideas are exposed to the masses as illustrations and texts in newspapers, books and comics, and now also in the new exhibition at the Beit Ha'Ir Museum. The City House Museum - a Tel Aviv historic building from a naive and perhaps more optimistic period was chosen as the ultimate space for realizing the wild fantasy of the artist.