Permanent exhibition

THE CITY UNCOVERED TO THE EYE | Curator: Nirit Shakev Kallifa

The exhibition The City Uncovered to the Eye summarizes a documentation and photo collection enterprise, commissioned for Tel Aviv Yaffo's Centennial celebrations. The exhibition offers the opportunity to view the local photo album and present some of its characteristics: city sites used as backgrounds and thousands of images comprising the many facets of Tel Aviv Yaffo.

A century worth of sights and events in the first Hebrew city reflect in private albums. Last remains of long forgotten memories, found in every home: neatly organized photos, gathered in bundles, laying in box or displayed on the shelf.

The colorful city, vibrant with life, entrepreneurship and passion of creation rose from the sand with the sweep of modernity. Founders, residents, new immigrants, tourists and guests, whom collected pictures for their private albums. Commemorators turned to those commemorated on local history's stage.

Witnesses to historic happenings and opening a window to the everyday life scenes.

The photo albums are a masterpiece of visuals, chosen by its residents- the city's documenters- to be the kept and remembered background of their lives. 

This important project, managed by the Century administration, was created in collaboration with municipal units and the community, part of the millennial celebrations. 

Design and setup: Tahana Le' Itsuv

Design and setup: Tahana Le' Itsuv

Meir Dizengoffs' city | Curator: Nava Schreiber

Close to mayors' Meir Dizengoffs' office, restored by Dr Doron Luria, is a permanent display highlighting Dizengoffs' work. The display expresses the special interrelations twined between the city's first mayor and its residents.

Mayor Dizengoffs office

Mayor Dizengoffs office as restored by Dr Doron Luria

Collection of documentation is still open to the public

If you have private pictures taken in Tel Aviv- Yaffo, from your family albums, we invite you to add them to THE CITY UNCOVERED TO THE EYE project and take part in the historical project. Fill out your contact information in the contact form and we'll be in touch to coordinate the documentation.