About Bialik House

The Bialik House was designed by the architect Yosef Minor, and was built with the arrival of Haim Nachman Bialik in 1924, with the poet's full involvement in planning and designing the house. The castle-like house is considered one of the main buildings in the cultural and historical face of Tel Aviv and the Jewish community in Israel.
The magnificent architectural structure, the interior design of the house, the meticulous adaptation of the colors and the garden nurtured by the poet with his own hands, gave their surroundings a kind of sense of state that was the home of the national poet. After his death in 1934 the house served as the Hebrew Writers' Association, and the Bialik House Society, whose function it was to preserve the place. Over the years the house became a children's library until it was renovated in 1980 and became a museum faithful to the spirit of the eighties. 

In this spirit the bathroom and kitchen facilities were abolished in favor of offices, the bedroom became a showroom, the house painted bright colors, and the front was sprayed with grayish spritz.

Rehabilitation and reconstruction work

The renovation work planned by the preservation architect, Nitza Smok, in cooperation with the management of the house, aims to rehabilitate and restore the house while adhering to Bialik's choices. In addition, the original colors of the walls of the house were exposed to their unique decorations (which were covered up until now), the original furniture was restored and a new permanent exhibition was constructed, which blends with the unique aesthetic spirit of the house and illuminates the image of the national poet in all the rich circles of his work and cultural and social works.
For the first time Bialik House reveals the  poet's life work  as a leader, mentor, commentator, researcher,  Jewish Cultural Treasure , essayist and speaker, editor, translator, publisher and the Reviving of the Hebrew language.

 The spectacular result is not only a window into Bialik's spirit, but also a window to the aesthetics of the early 20th century in Israel: unique eclectic construction combining eastern and western elements, oriental and European decorations: arches, tower, dome, fireplace, painted floors and more - Which gave concrete expression to the poet's cultural perception.
The  Bialik house Archive is located on the lower floor of the house. As part of the renovation work, the archive area was doubled and advanced systems were installed to preserve the valuable documents. The archive is a collection of Bialik's cultural and national works: rare manuscripts, poems, stories, articles, speeches, documents and more. 

The archive serves as an address for multidisciplinary inquiries and supports scientific work at all levels.

 Each year we expose new certificates and revelations and publicize them on literary and scientific platforms.


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